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At Bracknell Kickboxing we take a personalised approach to help you and your children develop in many areas not only within the Martial Arts arena, but also skills that can be used in everyday life.

In a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we will instil all of the traditional martial arts values:


Respect ,Honour ,Discipline and Focus


In addition to these, you and your children will also gain skills in other areas:


Fitness, Flexibility, Self-Confidence, Self Defence and Social skills


Whether you or your child are fit and active, or not, if you have previous martial arts experience, or not, we believe that kickboxing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone with no exceptions! Before starting any classes, we feel it is important to evaluate any specific goals that you or your child would like to achieve from kickboxing - it could be something quite simple like being a bit more active and enjoying the exercise, or it could be to go through our grading syllabus to  get a black belt (and beyond), or even competing in organised competitions. We combine exercise and self defence techniques in a fun and easily understandable way, designed to improve all aspects of yours and your childrens physical and mental well-being, by improving confidence.


To arrange for your free trial lesson, please call Baz on 07771896677


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