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Baz started training in Martial Arts over 30 years ago in his early teens in Malta. He started in the Korean Martial Art of Tae Kwon do. He trained with Master Choi Chang Yeul a 6th Dan and part of the South Korean Demonstration Team. He represented Malta against Team Libya and being the only Maltese fighter to win against black belt opposition when only a blue belt.
He made the switch to Kickboxing having dabbled in Karate and Kung Fu. The switch proved a successful one getting his 1st Dan with the Malta Kickboxing Union , and became Maltese Heavyweight champion. Baz competed for Malta in Italy at the 1991 Mediterranean championships winning a bronze medal. Aged only 20 he opened his own club from which two of his students 
Mark Manicolo and Noel Mercieca becoming two of the most high ranking and successful Kickboxing Instructors on the Island running full time clubs with fighters fighting (and winning ) all over the World.
Baz moved to England in 1993 and started to compete on the British circuit under 
Adrian Bedlow at the Fu Jau Martial Arts Academy in Slough. Adrian is a 5th Dan, 3x World Kickboxing Champion, and trainer of 20+World Champions. He took Baz and his wife Maxine (also now training at Bracknell Kickboxing Club ) under his wing and between 1996 and the year 2000 Baz and Maxine won many competitions up and down the country and competing as part of the WKA British Team . (Maxine also represented Great Britain as part of the 1998 WAKO European Championships in Leverkusen Germany)

The highlights for Baz were winning

1999 WKA Super Heavy Weight World Champion 
1999 WUMA European Super Heavy Weight Champion
1999 BIKMA British Super Heavy Weight Champion
1998 WAKO Open + 85 Kilo Champion
1998 Super League Kick fighting Champion

And Maxine

1998 WUMA World Champion
1998 Super League Champion 
1999 BIKMA British Champion 
1998 WAKO Open Champion
1999 WKA British Silver medallist
1999 WKA World Bronze Medal

In 2000 Baz and Maxine opened the Blue Dragon Kickboxing club. In 2003 Baz passed his 2nd Dan Grading with the GBMAA . Maxine gained her instructor’s grade at first Kyu (one grade down from black belt) After running the Blue Dragon Kickboxing club in Surrey for a number of years Baz he had to pass the club over to his black belts as injury and work circumstances dictated taking a 5 year sabbatical from the Martial arts scene. This time was mostly spent bringing up children and playing in a folk rock band , Baz and Max’s other passion.
Baz did an intensive year studying Kenjutsu (Japanese sword Martial art) and in 2001 passed his 1st Dan black belt with Distinction with 9th Dan Jon Alexander in Cheltenham.
In 2009 a chance meeting with a Chinese trained Tai Chi/ Qigong Instructor Sifu 
Paul Boggie Brighton opened another chapter in Baz’s Martial arts journey. Since 2009 Baz has been getting one to one training in Shun Dao Qigong a family system which takes elements from a whole host of Chinese martial arts systems and incorporates Healing, meditation and mindfulness . Baz was made Men Ren (inner circle) in this system in 2016 and runs a Qigong club in Bracknell attended by whole range of people from 18 to over 70 years of age.

Baz and Max's daughter Brianna started training at Bracknell Kickboxing Club with Neil Blower and Steve Schofield. Baz chose the class because of the two instructors created a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere, whilst maintaining all of the traditional martial arts values. Baz was given the opportunity to take over the running of the club and is keen to maintain that ethic, helping young people to develop into great individuals and adults achieve beyond their expectations through the discipline of Martial arts.

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